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Best Caravan Awnings Melbourne-Xtend Outdoors

On the road in the middle of the hills or near the ocean near Melbourne, you need something that provides extra shade and protection. What should you look for? Xtend Outdoors Caravan Awnings are a perfect option when enjoying the gorgeous scenery in Melbourne.

A new Caravan Setup in Melbourne by Xtend Outdoors

You can have a completely new experience with a new awning setup while caravanning in Melbourne by having us install a protective awning. You can plan a trip all year round without worrying about Melbourne’s weather as caravan awnings by Xtend Outdoors can withstand all kinds of weather. Now, in Melbourne, get your hands on the one which best-suits your caravan or RV!

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    Caravan Awnings for Sale in Melbourne

    The awnings are an extension on the side of the caravan, motorhome or RV. These awnings provide you expanded & comfortable outdoor living space with sun, rain and wind protection. We offer a diverse range from simplest to motorised versions of awnings available. Plus different accessories such as curved roof rafters to prevent the water pooling, and anti-flap kits to stop your awning flapping in the breeze.

    Choosing the Best Caravan Awning is easy with Xtend Outdoors

    A wide range of caravan awnings to select from as at Xtend Outdoors awnings are made with different materials, styles, sizes and colours. You can choose from innovatively designed Wind Out Awnings, Electric Awnings, Roll Out Awnings and Wind up Camper Awnings. You can get a customised caravan awning that transforms your caravan into a home.

    Xtend Outdoors is Committed to the Quality of Caravan Awnings

    Caravan Awnings by Xtend Outdoors are available in a variety of high performing fabrics which makes them lightweight and easy to carry. The fabric of the awnings provide protection from the sun and even makes your caravan cooler depending upon the weather. You can have your customised awnings in Melbourne by Xtend Outdoors.

    Top Caravan Awning Installation Services in Melbourne

    Xtend Outdoors is a renowned name when it comes to providing best quality caravan awnings with efficient services to caravanners in Melbourne when out on the road anywhere, anytime.

    Highly Skilled team at Xtend Outdoors

    The team at Xtend Outdoors believes in using the best designed and installing the caravan awnings with the best quality, weatherproof materials so that you have protection at your side from any unforeseen weather conditions in Melbourne.

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    Experts at Xtend Outdoors are dedicated towards installation and understand  the choice of materials and accuracy of measurements. Our trained technicians are experts in measuring and installing the best caravan awnings, and making the specialised caravan awnings according to your expectations.

    Experience top-quality Installation Services in Melbourne

    We at Xtend Outdoors are consistent in delivering the best services to you. If our installers are unable to visit you to take measurements, we also offer a DIY Kit to guide you while taking step by step measurements. Whether you want to replace the damaged awning, get an awning repaired or upgrade to something bigger and better, Xtend Outdoors does it all!