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Xtend Outdoors in Melbourne offers the best caravan annexes that easily fit your caravan and suit your needs. Melbourne has beautiful weather, with its temperate oceanic climate, the weather is usually lovely. So, Xtend Outdoors has caravan annexes in Melbourne, which improves your caravanning experience and makes your trip little easier and fun.

Choose the Right Annexe for Your Caravan in Melbourne

Exploring beautiful laneways, getting away with the caravan, spending nights at different spots, all these sound great. But to have a good stay, you need to have a comfortable space to live. Xtend Outdoors help you to add the right annexe to your caravan or motorhome.


Xtend Outdoors presents fantastic caravan annexes in Melbourne, which add living space to your caravan and upgrades your caravanning experience. Adding a little luxury to your trip can help you explore more places easily and protect you from undesirable weather.

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    Caravan Annexes for Sale in Melbourne

    The annex is an extension to your caravan to provide a spacious living space while moving. While you are camping, Xtend Outdoors caravan annexes in Melbourne has a perfect solution for all of your space problems.

    Variety of Caravan Annexes in Melbourne

    Xtend Outdoors offers an extensive range of caravan annexes in Melbourne, which adds to your adventure. From the Australia Wide Annexe to Camper Room Walls to our Inflatable Freestanding Annexe, we have a wide variety of annexes suiting your camping needs in Melbourne.

    Quality Assurance

    Xtend Outdoors believes in not compromising quality. We use premium quality fabric, keeping your needs in mind. Every individual and every vehicle have different requirements, and we understand that. You can also get tailored annexes according to your vehicle.


    You get 3-year Australia Wide warranty for zips, fabrics, and installation, and can give assistance even if you’re on a trip. So, getting Xtend Outdoors’ annexes for Melbourne weather is a perfect choice to make.

    Top Caravan Annexes Installation Services in Melbourne

    With years of experience in this industry, Xtend Outdoors is famous for the products and services we provide. Melbourne is beautiful, and our variety of annexes can make your trip even more fun!

    Installation Services in Melbourne

    We have an experienced team of technicians who come to your place to install annexes and help give you a better understanding of our products. Our customers have always appreciated us for this practice, and Xtend Outdoors is very proud of our service.


    Our expert team of technicians is always available at many locations around the country. Our services include measure, quote and fit your caravan annexe to improve your caravanning experience.

    Do It Yourself Kit

    If our technicians are unable to visit, then we also offer your own do it yourself annexe measure instructions. We ensure that your caravan annexe perfectly fits your vehicle and in case you find any issues, we are just a call away.

    Xtend Outdoors believes every customer and their requirements are different. Special attention to details is what we give to every annexe. So, improve your adventure experience with Xtend Outdoors caravan annexes in Melbourne.